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European Anti Poverty Network Issue 36 December 2012

Policy Briefing

This is our final 2012 Policy Briefing, as European leaders struggle to come to an agreement on the EU budget, and to make progress on their proposals for fiscal, banking and political union, following the December European Council. Meanwhile, Greece and the other Troika countries face increasing demands for cuts on their welfare states, with other countries waiting for the EU’s economic governance proposals to impose by law the same recipes on them, through the final version of the 2-Pack.

EAPN’s policy conference in September, Is Europe 2020 delivering on poverty? sent a strong, unequivocal message to the EU institutions, not only about the failure of the strategy to deliver on poverty or participation, but the increasing threat to democracy, as the future of Europe is being decided behind closed doors, by a handful of Member States, backed by powerful economic interests and groups.