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End of Life Care Strategy Second Annual Report

This year I can report a real sense that momentum is building. Where last year’s examples concentrated on infrastructure, this year we have some important developments along the entire end of life care pathway, and at national, regional and local levels. Nationally,

• e-learning for end of life care, free to all health and social care staff, was launched on 21 January 2010;
• The Dying Matters Coalition ran its first National Awareness Week from 15-21 March 2010 and its website has been developed;
• The successful hospices for the £40 million capital grant were announced in April 2010;
• The National End of Life Care Intelligence Network has started work and its website has gone live;
• The VOICES Survey pilot is ready to begin;
• The locality registers pilots started work in October 2009;
• The Department’s Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Strategy was launched for consultation in February 2010, with a chapter on end of life care;
• We have begun development work for both bereavement services and spirituality, starting with literature reviews;
• Two deputy National Clinical Directors for End of Life Care, Dr Teresa Tate and Professor John Ellershaw, have been appointed to help raise
the impetus of delivering the strateg