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Emotional resilience and peer coaching of independent social workers: Research findings & recommendations

BASW Independents funded research led by Dr Louise Grant and Professor Gail Kinman, University of Bedfordshire

This BASW funded research led by Dr Louise Grant and Professor Gail Kinman of University of Bedfordshire explores the emotional resilience and wellbeing of independent social workers. Often working in isolation, with the added professional demands of running a business alongside delivering social work services, Independents manage unique demands which have the potential to compound stress.

This study has two main aims:

  • To measure levels of burnout, resilience and other aspects of wellbeing experienced by Independent social workers, as well as other relevant factors such as social support, using an online survey (n = 2,000).
  • To examine whether a peer coaching intervention enhances the  emotional resilience and wellbeing of inexperienced Independent Social Workers (n = 30) compared to a control group

The research commenced in 2015 with original findings presented at the BASW Independents Conference 2018: Staying resilient & informed in times of changing independent practice in London on 5 March 2018. Keynote presented by Dr Louise Grant Resilience in Social Workers; Compassion, wellbeing and distress: the importance of caring for the self as well as for others.