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Drug misuse prevention: targeted interventions

NICE guideline

This guideline covers targeted interventions to prevent misuse of drugs, including illegal drugs, 'legal highs' and prescription-only medicines. It aims to prevent or delay harmful use of drugs in children, young people and adults who are most likely to start using drugs or who are already experimenting or using drugs occasionally.

This guideline does not cover broader activities, both population-level (universal) and targeted, that aim to build people's skills, resilience and ability to make positive decisions about their health and which address the wider determinants of health. For more information, see the NICE guidance on lifestyle and wellbeing.

Additionally, this guideline does not cover treatment of drugs misuse (see the NICE guidelines on drug misuse: opioid detoxification and drug misuse: psychosocial interventions).

Who is it for?

Health and social care professionals
Commissioners and providers
Practitioners working in drug misuse prevention and specialist drug treatment services
Owners and staff at venues attended by people using or at risk of using drugs (such as gyms, pubs, clubs or music events)
People responsible for educational governance
People who use drugs, their carers and families, and the public