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Doing the right thing: A report on the experiences of kinship carers

This report considers the experiences of kinship carers i.e. friends and relatives who are raising children who are unable to safely live with their parents. The report is based on an analysis of data from two sources:
- Calls by kinship carers to Family Rights Group Advice Service in the financial year 2014/15.
- An online survey of 579 kinship carers conducted by Family Rights Group in 2015, with support from members of the Kinship Care Alliance.

The report’s key findings:
- Almost half (49%) of kinship carers have had to give up work permanently to care for the kin child, and a further 18% had to give up work temporarily.
- 22% of kinship carers’ households had 3 or more children aged 18 or under, suggesting that the Government’s proposed limit on child tax credits will have a detrimental effect on kinship carers.
- 80% of kinship carers felt that when they took on the child, they did not know enough about the legal options and the consequences for getting support to make an informed decision.