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Department of Health Consultation on Proposals to Transfer Functions from the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority and the Human Tissue Authority - PROGAR submission September 2012

We are commenting solely on matters to do with the HFEA; those concerning the HTA fall outside of our area of core interest and expertise, namely the family building and well-being aspects of those directly affected by donor conception: donor conceived people; their families; donors and their families including their non donorconceived offspring; and the well-being of those affected by surrogacy. While there are similarities with family building using other forms of assisted reproduction, we strongly believe that there are unique aspects where there is third party involvement in family building. Where donor conception is involved, the family that is formed (and the individual offspring) have to manage the implications of genetic difference over their lifetimes, including the potential and as yet unknown implications of donor mitochondrial use, not only over their own lifetimes, but also for their own descendants.