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Demand for adult social care across counties and unitary authorities in England

There is interest in both society and Parliament regarding the future of adult social care, with a focus on the ageing population. There is extensive information available on this topic, looking at the reasons why people require care and ways in which this care is provided.

Current estimates show that 18.0% of people in England are aged 65 years and over and this is expected to rise to 26.1% in 50 years’ time according to the 2016-based national population projections. These estimates have led to a growing interest in the need for adult social care and the provisions in place to meet this need.

Adult social care includes support for adults with a physical disability, learning disability, or physical or mental illness, as well as support for their carers. This article looks at the demand for adult social care across the whole adult population, rather than focusing solely on older people. It aims to capture the need for care services throughout adulthood, as well as recognising that an ageing population is likely to impact on the demand for these services. This report presents a brief selection of indicators that are available at county and unitary authority level, along with links to further sources of data.