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Delivering high quality, effective, compassionate care: Developing the right people with the right skills and the right values

A mandate from the Government to Health Education England: April 2017 to March 2018

HEE’s role and responsibilities

1.1. Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for ensuring that our future workforce is available in the right numbers and has the necessary skills, values and behaviours to meet patients’ needs and deliver high quality care. The Care Act 2014i sets out HEE’s remit and range of roles and responsibilities in detail, including its duty to ensure an effective system is in place for education and training in the NHS and public health system.

1.2. To do this HEE will need to ensure that the investment and distribution of clinical placements enables the right levels of supply required by the NHS; that it delivers the geographical spread and range of healthcare graduates required; supports the NHS to only recruit those that will deliver high quality patient care; and there is a smooth transition to the new system from August 2017, that will enable universities to offer additional nursing, midwifery and allied health professional training places over this parliament.

1.3. Many of the deliverables in the mandate cannot be delivered by HEE alone, but rather depend on strong partnerships with NHS delivery partners, the higher education sector and professional and regulatory bodies who set the standards and curricula for education and training.

1.4. By working with these bodies in partnership rather than in isolation, cultivating positive relationships and being responsive to feedback, HEE will ensure that the NHS and public health workforce truly meets the requirements for delivering high quality patient care now and in the future.

1.5. HEE was established as a non-department public body on 1 April 2013. Significant changes in education commissioning provide an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of HEE over its last four years and consider, along with the Department and other system leaders, whether its role should evolve along with the NHS and public health system it serves.

HEE’s mandate

1.6. This mandate reflects the priority objectives of the Government in the areas of workforce planning, education, training and development for which HEE and the Local Education and Training Boards have responsibility. It is consistent with the objectives in the refreshed Single Departmental Plan, and is aligned with work being taken forward through the Five Year Forward View

1.7. Through the publication of this mandate, the Government is reaffirming its commitment to developing a workforce that has the skills and capability to deliver high quality patient care

1.8. The table in Annex A shows HEE's overall measurable goals for this parliament and clear priority deliverables for 2017-18.

1.9. This mandate does not repeat all of the ongoing deliverables from the 2016-17 mandate. HEE is committed to concluding any previous commitments that require multi-year investment. HEE is also committed to completing any outstanding deliverables from the 2016-17 mandate. As the system leader for education and training, HEE will play a part in delivering Government commitments that fall within its remit.

1.10. This mandate will be reviewed for 2018-19 and will reflect the priorities set out in Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future: a draft health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027


1.11. The Framework Agreement between the Department of Health and HEEiv defines how the Department of Health and HEE work in partnership to serve patients, the public and the taxpayer; and how both HEE and the Department of Health discharge their accountability responsibilities effectively.

1.12. Progress against these objectives will be reviewed over the course of the mandate. HEE will publish a business plan setting out how it will meet its legal duties and deliver the objectives set out in the mandate.

1.13. Although HEE is not formally accountable to other system partners it should strive to work with other organisations within the spirit of the Framework Agreement, building effective relationships to achieve shared goals.

Educational Outcomes

1.14. The educational outcomes at Annex B underpin this mandate and have been developed with partners across the health and education landscape. HEE will use these in support of driving improvements in education and training, and will reflect on progress in its annual report.