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Defining child vulnerability: Definitions, frameworks and groups

Technical Paper 2 in Children’s Commissioner project on vulnerable children

The Children’s Commissioner’s Office commissioned Alma Economics, Coram International, Aldaba and Cordis Bright to undertake some groundwork and a feasibility assessment for a report on vulnerable and invisible children. The work took place between February and May 2017 and was intended to estimate and rapidly review existing evidence on:

> the number of vulnerable children (Alma Economics)
> outcomes for vulnerable children (Cordis Bright)
> the subjective wellbeing of vulnerable children (Coram)
> the health of vulnerable children (Aldaba)

Before launching the four workstreams it was necessary to identify a common and agreed working definition of “vulnerable children”, as well as identification of groups of vulnerable children on which to base this exploratory research. This document presents the approach taken by the Children’s Commissioner’s Office and the four research teams in starting this ambitious project to understand more about the nation’s vulnerable children.