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Current situation in relation to child poverty and child wellbeing

EU policy context, key challenges ahead and ways forward

The aim of the conference is to contribute to the European fight against child poverty and social exclusion and the promotion of children’s well-being so as not to lose the already built up momentum of the EU cooperation in the field of social protection and social exclusion (especially in the context of the so-called Social Open Method of Coordination [Social OMC]) and the Europe 2020 Strategy. The conference wants to promote the exchange of practices and knowledge starting from a children’s right approach which considers the elimination of child poverty as a social investment that is needed to underpin the recovery and our future growth potential. The context for the conference is the growing impact on children and their families of the economic crisis and related austerity measures and the forthcoming European Commission Recommendation on child poverty and social exclusion and child well-being. Thus, it is hoped that an important message that will emerge from the conference will be that even in these difficult times, more investment in children is needed and remains feasible as long as it is recognised as a priority and then mainstreamed into all relevant policy areas. The ultimate aim of the conference is to generate a dynamic political commitment of the actions ahead.