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Court Orders Relating to Family Law, DfE (2014)

1 Introduction 
1.1 The Children Act 1989 guidance and Regulations: Volume 1-court orders was first 
published in 1991 and last updated in 2008. It is being revised to reflect upcoming 
legislative changes as a result of the Children and Families Bill and changes in 
practice following the Family Justice Review. 
1.2 In 2011, the Family Justice Review, Chaired by Sir David Norgrove found that the 
Family Justice system was characterised by delays and variable effectiveness 
across the different agencies. The legislative changes in the Children and 
Families Bill directly tackle these concerns, and to help make sure that the work of 
local authorities and the courts is aligned, the Department is producing a revised version of Volume 1. 
1.3 Revising the statutory guidance will ensure that practitioners understand the new 
provisions in the Children and Families Bill and supporting secondary legislation 
and have accurate guidance on how to carry out their legal responsibilities. This 
will help the successful implementation of the family justice measures in the Bill. 
Current guidance is no longer accurate and needs to be updated.