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Counting the Costs 2018

Research into the f inances of more than 2,700 families across the UK in 2018

It is 10 years since we first asked families with disabled children about their finances. During that time disability and care costs have gone up while financial support offered through the social security system has dropped away. At the same time the system of local support for disabled children such as short breaks (respite) and therapies has been hollowed out, creating a perfect storm.

The survey findings presented in this report bring to life the consequences of all this for some of the most disabled children and their families in this country. It is truly distressing to hear sick and disabled children are going without essential therapies and equipment and are unable to make vital visits to the GP and hospital.

These are not luxuries, they are essential to keeping disabled children well and able to do everyday activities that others take for granted like eat, talk, leave the house and go to school. Sadly, the findings also suggest that this Christmas some disabled children will go without presents and treats.

That’s why we are urging national and local government, alongside employers to act now in a concerted effort to give disabled children and their families the help that they deserve and have a right to.