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Continuing professional development audit report

This report describes the outcomes of the audits for the 16 professions who were audited between 2013 and 2015. The majority of registrants successfully completed their CPD audit, with most CPD profiles being accepted after their first time. Out of the fifteen professions included in this report that have been through more than one audit, nine have seen an increase in the number of profiles accepted compared to their previous audit.

Voluntary deregistration rates varied across the professions. The majority of registrants who requested voluntary deregistration were in the over 50 age range, as was the case in our previous three reports. This trend seems to indicate that those registrants are retiring from their profession.

Of those selected for audit there was a lower rate across all professions who did not renew their registration compared to the previous report. In regards to the rate of deferrals, this varied across the professions. The average deferral rate across all 16 professions was also slightly less than the previous audit.

There are a very small number of registrants whose profiles remain ‘under assessment’. There is a number of different reasons why some registrants are still listed as being ‘under assessment’. This includes a small number of registrants who did not renew their registration before the renewal deadline but who have subsequently been readmitted to the Register.

A very small number of those selected for audit were removed from the Register. Those decisions were made because registrants had failed to submit either a CPD profile or further information in support of their profile. In each case we will have given them several opportunities to comply before the decision was taken to remove them from the Register. No registrants were removed because their profile was assessed as not meeting the standards. Three appeals were made during the period covered by this report.

Our initial analysis is that there are no significant differences between the outcomes in different professions. Approximately 75–85 per cent of CPD profiles submitted for audit were accepted. Most professions have seen an improvement in the percentage of CPD profiles that were accepted compared to previous audits.

The quality of the CPD profiles we have seen so far is high and continues to improve with each round of audits. The majority of profiles continue to demonstrate links between ongoing learning and benefits to practice and service users.