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Consultation on revised standards of education and training (SETS) and supporting guidance issued by HCPC – BASW England response

BASW England members have been asked to comment on the proposed changes as detailed in the HCPC consultation document and we have received a number of responses.

Members expressed their frustration and concern about the timeliness of this consultation in view of the Children & Social Work Bill being considered in Parliament
“I admit I haven’t looked at the revised standards yet, but a whole bit of me (just after a prolonged twilight EDT shift) thinks ‘what's the point?’” BASW member.

BASW England recognises that the standards of education and training must remain effective and fit for purpose and must be well understood by stakeholders and the public while taking into account change in practice, legislation, technology, guidelines and wider society.

Although we accept that these standards affect many more professionals than just social workers (15 other professions), there is awareness that they will not be in force for any significant length of time prior to a new professional regulating body being in place.

BASW England is responding initially under the subject areas of the proposed changes to the SETs and supporting guidance