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Consultation on changes to the standards of proficiency for social workers in England

BASW welcomes the HCPC’s review of the standards of proficiency for social workers in light of the continuous changes to the national social work agenda. With the introduction in England of additional demands on the social work profession as part of the Knowledge and Skills Statements and the move towards compulsory accreditation for child & family social workers there is a need to ensure the profession’s overarching standards remain fit for purpose.

It is essential that the proficiency standards connect to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) from the perspective of the hosting professional body (BASW) as a whole social work, whole career development 'map'.

‘There is a danger that having Knowledge and Skills Statements in addition to the PCF and the proficiency standards might breed confusion by creating the perception of a three tier system.’ BASW England member

BASW England was involved in the pre-consultation process and attended the relevant workshop facilitated by HCPC. This process contributed to this submission, incorporating the views of BASW England’s membership in order to assist the HCPC in developing regulatory standards for social workers that are supported by the profession.

BASW is the UK professional association for social work, led by and accountable to a growing population of over 20,000 social worker members. Our members work in direct social work practice, management, research and academic positions in diverse social work settings across the UK. BASW members share a collective commitment to the professional Code of Ethics, core social work values and principles that will secure the best possible outcomes for children and young people, adults, families and communities.