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Commissioning in Adult Social Care

The LGIU and Mears roundtable thought leader series– A summary

From May 2013 – February 2014 LGiU worked in partnership with home care provider Mears to deliver a series of roundtables for our Adult Social Care Thought Leader Series. The series followed on from our report published October 2012, “Outcomes Matter: effective commissioning in domiciliary care”, and an associated series of regional roundtables.

It was decided that the topic needed exploring in greater depth through a programme of events which would draw together thought leaders in adult social care to focus on different aspects of commissioning. The goals of the network were to share best practice, and discuss how we can achieve tangible change to commissioning in the context of considerable financial pressure.

LGiU and Mears delivered five roundtables, on Market Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Personalisation and Co-Production, Integration and Workforce Issues. Roundtables commenced with a short talk from the keynote speaker or speakers, followed by a short presentation from the provider’s perspective, delivered by Alan Long, Executive Director of Mears. We then opened the floor to a roundtable discussion chaired by Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGiU. Roundtables were attended by around twenty Adult Social Care thought leaders and conducted under Chatham House rules.

This document brings together in one place the notes from the series.