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Children’s care monitor 2013/14

Children on the state of social care in England

This report gives the views of 2,305 children and young people who filled in our monitoring survey on line, and 32 more children who filled in our Widget symbol questionnaire. Out of those who completed the main survey, 2,250 told us their age. The youngest was under five, and the oldest was a care leaver aged 24. The middle age out of everyone who took part in the survey was 14. Thirty nine per cent were aged 13 or under, and 61% were aged 14 or over. Twelve per cent of these were aged 18 or over. Out of the 2,286 children who told us whether they were boys or girls, 53% were girls and 47% were boys. There were no big differences1 in these figures from the 2011 monitor.

The children who took part in the survey were receiving services from 190 different social care services across England which had accepted our invitation to take part in the survey. They included 89 local authorities, 20 independent fostering agencies, 8 independent children’s homes, 20 boarding schools, 38 residential special schools and 15 residential further education colleges. The services are listed in the appendix at the end of this report.