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Childcare and early years survey of parents 2012-2013

This report provides the main findings of the 2012-2013 survey in the Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents series. The survey was funded by the Department for Education (DfE), and carried out by Ipsos MORI. The study has two key objectives. The first is to provide salient, up-to-date information on parents’ use of childcare and early years provision, and their views and experiences. The second is to continue the time series – which has now been running for over ten years – on issues covered throughout the survey series. With respect to both of these objectives, the study aims to provide information to help monitor the progress of policies and public attitudes in the area of childcare and early years education.

The report describes in detail what childcare is used by different types of families, changes in take-up over the years, parents’ reasons for using or not using childcare and for choosing particular providers, and parents’ views on the providers they used and on childcare provision in their local area in general.