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Child Safety Online: A Practical Guide for Providers of Social Media and Interactive Services

A childhood with the internet is still a relatively new experience. Few households were online even 20 years ago.

The immediacy and reach of social media has opened up all kinds of positive opportunities for children as they grow, but also the possibility of considerable harm. Bullying, child sexual abuse, sexual grooming, trafficking and other illegalities can, and do, thrive if left unchecked.

Of course, it isn’t the medium itself that presents possible danger, but the way it is used. This practical guide has therefore been designed to help you ingrain online child safety into your web or mobile business.

It’s for you if you provide an online/mobile social media or interactive service (e.g. a social network, messaging, Q&A site, interactive game, cloud service or ephemeral messaging service) and your users are under 18 years old. You’ll also find the guide useful if your primary audience is not the under-18s, but you still attract them.

Please note the guide does not replace legal advice, which you may still need in order to meet compliance and other requirements.