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Child Protection All Party Parliamentary Group: Seminar series on child sexual abuse

Recommendations for the prevention of child sexual abuse and better support for victims

The Child Protection APPG launched the seminar series on child sexual abuse in autumn 2013. We held three seminars, focusing on issues that had received less attention in recent years. These were: intra-familial abuse; peer to peer sexual abuse and young people’s harmful sexual behaviour; and prevention of child sexual abuse within institutions.

By bringing together experts and front-line practitioners, we developed a clearer understanding of the types of abuse, and considered what more needs to be done by the Government to support children who have experienced sexual abuse, and to prevent this from happening in the future.

As part of the seminar series, we invited young people to send us their thoughts around child sexual abuse – with a particular focus on the type of services that should be available to young people, and their views on how young people can best be supported, and child sexual abuse prevented.