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Child poverty map of the UK: Full report

In the UK, over one in four children are living in poverty once housing costs have been deducted from their income. According to official child poverty data (HBAI – table 4.14ts), the proportion below 60 per cent of median income after housing costs rose from 27 per cent in 2012/13 to 29 per cent in 2014/15.

Estimates of local child poverty rates show that it is the highest in large cities, particularly in London, Birmingham and Manchester. As Table 1 illustrates, among the twenty parliamentary constituencies with the highest levels of childhood poverty, seven are located in London, three in Birmingham, and three in Manchester. Birmingham Ladywood has the highest figures of child poverty with 47 per cent, followed by Manchester Central with 45 per cent, and both Poplar and Limehouse and Birmingham Hodge Hill with almost 44 per cent. There are also important pockets of child poverty in areas of Leeds, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Nottingham, and Glasgow, with figures of around 40 per cent.