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Child Death Review Programme Annual Report

The death of every child is a tragedy. The impact of the loss of a child is a heavy burden on families, carers and friends with life-changing effects on those who are bereaved. Typically, four children die every week in Wales and the death rate for children has changed little over the last decade. I welcome this work which builds on the pilot and its evaluation. It should assist professionals and organisations to understand the patterns and causes of child deaths in Wales.

Too many children and young people die from causes that are preventable. There is much that can, and needs be done to support and protect children from these premature deaths. The thematic reviews produced by the Child Death Review Programme highlight modifi able factors that contribute to these deaths. The recommendations fl owing from these reviews need to be implemented.

As the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, I welcome this annual report on child deaths in Wales. I am pleased to be associated with the work of the Child Death Review Programme and feel that the work they undertake is essential in safeguarding our children in the future. This programme makes an important contribution to informing our efforts to secure the rights of children and young people in Wales.