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Changes in resourcing and characteristics of children’s centres: Evaluation of Children’s Centres in England (ECCE, Strand 4) – Additional research report

During the ECCE Impact evaluation, many children’s centres underwent changes to funding, staffing and services (Evangelou et al., 2014, Goff et al., 2013). These reflected various changes in policy priorities, local priorities and the context of austerity measures post 2010. This analysis is based on a sample of 117 centres and presents findings that summarise some of the changes to funding, resources and services that were captured via questionnaires completed by centre staff during the period 2012 to 2013 (comparing budgets across these two financial years). Specifically the descriptive analysis investigates associations to show whether certain centres were more likely to have experienced change than others, and what characteristics were shared by centres that were expanding rather than reducing services. This focus was chosen to follow up the main Impact report (Sammons et al., 2015, in press) that investigated the effects of children's centres in promoting better outcomes for children, parents and families.