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Care in Crisis 2012

This year care and support services have faced unprecedented challenges as a result of budget pressures and continued increases in demand. Sadly care services have not been immune to the effect of public service cuts, despite the Government’s intention to protect the front line. This has resulted in a reduction in the breadth of council care provision, an increase in the charges that councils make for care services, and a reduction in the numbers of older people receiving support from councils. This report documents these changes and the dramatic effect on those people who rely on social care for their dignity and quality of life.

This is our second report detailing the depth of the care funding crisis. In May 2011 Age UK published its first Care in Crisis report, setting out the background to the current care funding crisis and our fears for a system facing four years of public spending cuts. We predicted that these would reduce spending on older people’s care by £300 million over 4 years and that real spending on older people’s care would be £250 million lower
in 2014 than in 2004.