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Care and Continuity: Contingency planning for provider failure

A guide for local authorities

This guidance is intended to help local authorities get plans in place to support care users when care provision fails. It is aimed primarily at people who have contract, commissioning or quality roles and are actively engaged in managing the process of provider failure from identification through to helping people find new provision. Directors of Adult Social Services (DASS) should also ensure that the guidance is being carried out. Other council staff such as communications teams and emergency planning officers will also find it helpful in working with adult social care teams to support business continuity.

Providers should also find this document useful when preparing their own business continuity and contingency plans and in understanding the perspective of local authorities.

The primary focus is to help councils from the period of time when provider failure seems imminent to engage with care users, their families, staff, providers and internal and external stakeholders, to find alternative provision and to ensure continuity of care. This is best done by taking a proactive approach to failure by planning, identifying potential problems, avoiding them where possible and desirable, and recovering from them if they do occur.