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Is Britain Fairer 2018?

Our report ‘Is Britain Fairer? 2018’ is the most comprehensive review of how we, as a nation, are performing on equality and human rights. Looking across all areas of life, including education, work, living standards, health, justice and security, and participation in society, it provides a complete picture of people’s life chances in Britain today.

And while there has been some progress – such as improvements in educational attainment, involvement in politics and equality in the workplace – there are still serious challenges that must be addressed in respect of access to justice, hate crime and sexual harassment. Child poverty has increased and the inequalities resulting from socio-economic disadvantage are seriously affecting many people’s lives. Women are still not benefitting from equality in practice and there are increasingly large gaps between the experiences and outcomes of disabled people and some ethnic minorities and the population as a whole. The persistent disadvantages faced by certain groups raise significant concerns that some people are being forgotten or left behind.

All of this is set in a context of long-term reductions to public spending, spikes in hate crime, and ongoing uncertainty about the impact of leaving the European Union.