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Breaking down the barriers: The need for accountability and integration in sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services in England

Sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services were some of the areas most impacted by the structural changes established in the Health and Social Care Act. As these changes were implemented the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the UK (APPGSRH) began to hear from stakeholders working in these areas that the changes were leading to fragmentation in commissioning and service provision which was creating silos in previously integrated areas of public health.

The APPGSRH conducted this inquiry in response to the concern that patients and service users were missing out, and that provision was not always being designed around what would best support and suit service users needs. This inquiry set out to understand what impact the new structures have had on sexual health, reproductive health and HIV services - both good and bad - and to identify where things could be done differently to improve patient experience and outcomes.