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Bottling it up: The next generation

The effects of parental alcohol misuse on children and families

In 2006, Turning Point published Bottling it Up, which analysed the views and perspectives of parents using our services, and of their children. The research found that parental alcohol misuse has a massive impact on families.

We have updated this work to see what has changed. We have found that some progress has been made since we first published Bottling It Up, but families are still not getting the support they need.

Bottling it Up: The Next Generation is based on the experiences of children and their parents. Turning Point analysed anonymous data relating to the thousands of people who used our alcohol treatment services in the last year.

We also surveyed 100 parents who currently access these services for alcohol-related issues, and spoke to other parents in more depth to gather their views on how they felt alcohol had affected their children. Turning Point conducted interviews with staff covering their experience of working with families affected by alcohol misuse, and undertook a review of other research in this area.