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Better understanding of levels of support for individual employers and their personal assistants (PAs)

Research into what local authorities are doing to support people who employ personal assistants.

Skills for Care’s analysis of the market shows that in 2011 there were 178,000 individual employers creating 420,000 jobs carried out by 262,000 PAs. This is a rise of 15% in one year. This means that 23% of the adult social care workforce is now people who work for individual employers. In response, local authorities must continue to focus on developing options for people to become PAs while at the same time develop effective mechanisms to enable people to choose to become employers.

The advice note to local authorities on minimum standards of support, which has been produced as a product of this research, offers advice and examples of good practice to support and enhance progress in this area.

In conclusion, working together in partnership, ADASS, Learn to Care and Skills for Care propose carrying out this study on an annual basis with a view to building the evidence base on how individual employers and PAs are supported and to identify where the gaps are and how we can overcome the barriers.