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A better future for families

The importance of family-based interventions in tackling substance misuse

In 2011, Addaction set up a commission of experts, chaired by David Burrowes MP, to study the impact of family-based interventions and to highlight the wealth of benefits that can be experienced by trying to tackle inter-generational substance misuse head-on.

The report’s findings are supported by in-depth, qualitative interviews with a group of key stakeholders from various sectors in the UK. This group includes Addaction’s own Breaking the Cycle workers, other agencies and representatives from other drug and alcohol charities. The Commission also interviewed local authorities across England about their own current and prospective approaches to the problem of intergenerational substance misuse. This evidence has been used to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of existing family-based interventions, and will serve as a resource from which to improve the models
of care available.

The report looks purely at family-based interventions that are specifically targeted towards families with drug and alcohol misuse problems. Family-based interventions include those that work with the whole family, the parent and the child and the examples referred to and the recommendations made should be considered only in relation to drugs and alcohol.