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BASW response to the consultation on the Contracting, Commissioning and Procurement National Occupational Standards - August 2013

This is a summary of BASW’s overarching issues and recommendations rather than detailed comments about the standards.

We strongly recommend the current principles and values statement should be strengthened to ensure that commissioning is underpinned by ethically based practice (see BASWs Code of Ethics). The human rights of service users should be paramount, based on respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all people and their well-being. Organisations should be expected to demonstrate they treat people with compassion, empathy and care. They should also be expected to fully involve and enable people to participate in all aspects of decision making and actions affecting their lives.

Human rights should be fully incorporated into commissioning and all health and social care NOS. Human Rights should be clearly articulated and understood in the systems for commissioning, service improvement and regulation. For example, the Scottish Human Rights Commission is working with other organisations to embed human rights in care. The Commission sees human rights as central to both the underpinning values and implementation of changes, in particular in the transformation of older people’s service, through the increased integration of health and social care services with a focus on personalisation. It has stated it would like see human rights fully incorporated into health and social care National Occupational Standards.