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BASW Response to Consultation on Age Assessment Guidance for Social Workers

This is a very important consultation, which has huge implications for many of our members working with children, young people single adults and families in frontline services across the UK. BASW has offices in all four countries of the UK but we are concerned that there is no evidence that colleagues in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have any awareness of this document in spite it stating on the front page that it pertains to the UK. We also note that both the Oversight group and the Task and Finish group whilst having representation from the ADCS and also individuals from English local authorities neither group appears to have any equivalents or counterparts from the rest of the UK. We are therefore unclear about the status of this document and whether or not it is applicable to all the nations; it is very separate in each of the four countries given that it is subject to four different political administrations. Furthermore, we are aware that quite recently, both Wales and Scotland have devised their own guidance in this area.