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BASW Response to The Children’s Society Inquiry into Asylum support for children and young families

BASW submitted evidence to the Inquiry on unaccompanied migrant children (Oct 2012), which is appended to this report and also relevant information and views about what action needs to be taken. The evidence below has been put together in a short space of time and is not comprehensive. However it provides some examples to support our view that the UN Convention of Human Rights are often not met with regard to asylum support for families and families. This is particularly in relation to the Rights of the Child Article 19 to protect the child, Article 18 to support parents look after their child and Article 7 the child has the right to live with their parents – unless they will be harmed by not doing so. Also the enormous difficulties often experienced in accessing basics such as shelter and food are made worse by the lack of dignity and respect in the way that support and services are provided.

There is no rational argument for denying asylum support for children and families that meets their basic human rights.