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BASW response to the Age Assessment Guidance Document July 2015

BASW is aware of the work undertaken by the Oversight Strategic Group and the Task and Finish group pertaining to developing a protocol and guidance in this area.
Despite requesting direct BASW representation on both or either group this was denied. However we were grateful that a representative from the former eventually agreed to meet with us at our request and shared the respective terms of reference of both groups. We very much supported the aims of the Oversight Strategic Group to look at past research, involve those who are leading in the field and develop a multi-agency approach. BASW is deeply disappointed and concerned that the works produced patently do not comply with the written objectives and terms of reference of the groups; what has been produced is blatantly a single agency approach to age assessment.

BASW submitted a detailed repose to the draft guidance in December 2014 and BASW issued a draft Position Statement on Age Assessment in June 2015. Both are available on the BASW website

We would refer you to both these documents as they stand as the BASW position and sadly this further draft fails to address the fundamental concerns and objections raised in the BASW December 2014 response and Position Statement