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BASW England response to the Child and Family Social Work National Assessment and Accreditation System

BASW is the UK's professional association for social work, led by and accountable to a growing membership of over 22,000 social workers. Our members work in direct social work practice, management, research and academic positions in diverse social work settings across the UK.  BASW members share a collective commitment to the professional Code of Ethics, core social work values and principles that will secure the best possible outcomes for children and young people, adults, families and communities. BASW England is the part of BASW that focuses exclusively on social work and social workers within England, and represents our members’ views from that country.

This is an extremely important consultation for the social work profession in England and therefore, we felt it necessary to provide a considered response on behalf of our members which goes beyond answering the questions on the response form.  The format does not enable us to properly articulate views beyond the functional elements of the proposed scheme given that it only refer to details of implementation, making the assumption that the Proof of Concept has demonstrated that NAAS will be positive.  BASW England has several expert groups including the Children and Families Practice, Policy and Education Group (CF PPEG) and the Professional Development Practice, Policy and Education Group (PD PPEG).  These groups gave expert advice to compile this response. In addition, the CF PPEG devised a survey for BASW members in England to share their views with us about the NAAS which ran between January and early March.  We received over 500 responses to this survey and have included a number of members’ comments on the NAAS response form and have also attached a brief report to this response.