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BASW Briefing on the Care Bill - January 14th 2014

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) generally welcomes the Government’s Care Bill and recognises that reform of funding for social care and overhaul of the law underpinning care and support are long overdue. We are pleased to support the principle of a single legal framework as recommended by the Law Commission’s inquiry on social care. We believe this will give greater clarity to legal entitlements to care and support. We welcome the measures in this Bill such as stronger rights for carers and improved access to information and advice, and the clarification of duties on local authorities. We have a key concern are that many of the good aims of this bill will fail to be achieved because of the chronically underfunded and under resourced social care system, however others have commented on this issue. BASW would be happy to provide more evidence on the impact of funding if it is required. The main focus therefore of this submission to the committee relates to specific details of the Bill that is being considered at the moment. BASW are proposing a number of amendments in the wording of certain sections and also make recommendations as to where the Bill / Act would benefit from clarification at the stage of guidance and the issue of regulations. BASW would be happy to participate at any further stage of the progress of the Bill/Act by offering the expertise of over 11,000 social workers in England.