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Are they safe?: a safeguarding guide for group leaders in the voluntary and community sector working with children and young people aged 0-18

Welcome to the NSPCC’s Are They Safe? guide. It is written for leaders of a wide range of voluntary, community and faith groups working with children and young people of all ages and providing a range of activities, support or services, from arts activities and hobbies to faith-based education or community work. Whether your focus is on babies and pre-school children, on after-school care or on clubs and activities for teenagers and young people, we hope you will find this resource useful. While this guide contains material that we hope is useful to those who already have direct, practical experience in child protection, it is likely to be of most use to groups that are in the early stages of thinking about safeguarding, or who want to start again from scratch. If your group has already done some work in this area, you may find the NSPCC Standards, set out in our self-assessment tool and resources, more relevant to your needs.