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The Annual Bullying Survey 2016

Published annually in collaboration with schools and colleges, The Annual Bullying Survey is the largest benchmark of bullying in the United Kingdom.

The survey gathers the opinions and experiences of young people who are currently studying in high schools and colleges nationwide.

Approximately 60% of the survey is the same each year, enabling us to track progress and to forecast future trends and shifts in attitudes and behaviours. The remainder of the survey is used to explore new and emerging areas of interest, many of which have never been researched before.

In previous editions of this report, we have uncovered the relationship between bullying and grade performance, and the full extent of appearance-based bullying.
The flexibility of the survey enables us to respond rapidly to shifts in youth culture.

This year, for the first time ever, we have explored the individual stories and perspectives of young people who bully others. We used hundreds of unique variables to help us identify the key motivations and behavioural triggers for those who bully others.

We believe that this paper is the most important piece of research that we have published to date, because it uncovers groundbreaking and new insights which will enable our organisation, the sector, practitioners and policymakers to improve their preventative interventions.