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The Annual Bullying Survey 2015

The Annual Bullying Survey is our flagship study of bullying and associated behaviours, produced in collaboration with schools and colleges from across the United Kingdom on an annual basis.

Approximately 70% of our survey features the same questions so that we are able to measure long-term trends and shifts in behaviours and attitudes. We reserve the remaining 30% to research a specific topic. In 2014, we identified the relationship between bullying and grade performance and the likelihood of exhibiting prejudice based attitudes. Our findings went on to make significant changes in the ways in which schools and colleges started to view and deal with bullying.

We consistently identify that a significant majority of young people feel that they are targeted because of attitudes towards how they look. This edition has a strong focus on appearance related bullying. We have been able to identify the wider consequences of appearance-based bullying by asking young people to tell us if and how they would adapt their appearance.

This year we introduced new questions, specifically the following:
• Bullying outside of educational environments
• Perpetrator perspectives - a greater understanding as to why bullies bully
• A stronger integration between bullying and crime
• A measure of the biggest opinion influencers young people have within their lives