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All of our concern: commercialisation, sexualisation and hypermasculinity

Family Lives has published this report to take forward the useful debate that has been most recently built upon by the 2011 Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood undertaken by Reg Bailey. This report seeks to address issues that the Bailey review gave less time to and makes recommendations to take the agenda forward in a way which empowers young people and their parents.

This report will discuss the progress made since the Bailey review and identify areas which still require policy makers and parents’ attention.

  • Family Lives believes that much of the commercialisation and sexualisation debate has been framed around girls and neglects to consider how boys have been affected by these pressures and how to engage them in preventative strategies. This report will address this gap.
  • This report will also examine a serious, yet neglected topic: peer–on-peer sexual exploitation and violence. The report examines the consequences of extreme gender identification, specifically hypermasculinity, which is associated with sexual violence against girls. Tackling this problem is essential to ensuring that all individuals are free from sexual and gender-based violence and have an equal opportunity to participate in education and the broader society.