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Alcohol Framework 2018: Preventing Harm

Next steps on changing our relationship with alcohol

Updating the 2009 Framework for Action Scotland’s 2009 alcohol strategy, the Framework for Action, is well established. Many of our original actions have been completed, with others continuing and evolving. We have taken, and will continue to take, an evidencebased approach to our alcohol strategy.

This updated Framework retains three central themes, which are well accepted and understood:

  • Reducing consumption
  • Positive attitudes, positive choices
  • Supporting families and communities

This document sets out our national prevention aims on alcohol: the activities that will reduce consumption and minimise alcohol-related harm arising in the first place. This is consistent with Public Health Priorities for Scotland where one of the priorities is a “Scotland where we reduce the use of and harm from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.”

An overarching strategy for prevention and treatment of alcohol and drugs, setting out our support for individuals, for families and for communities, will follow.