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AHPs into Action. Using Allied Health Professions to transform health, care and wellbeing

‘AHPs into Action’ is a product for leaders and decision makers, to inform and inspire the system about how AHPs can be best utilised to support future health, care and wellbeing service delivery. It offers examples of innovative AHP practice and a framework to develop a plan of delivery.

‘AHPs into Action’ defines how AHPs can support STPs implement the triple aim set out in the Five Year Forward View; driving improvements in health and wellbeing, restoring and maintaining financial balance and delivering core quality standards.

‘AHPs into Action’ has been co-produced using triangulation of data and evidence:
• A review of national policy documents and publications.
• Engagement and involvement from senior leaders across the system.
• Over 16,000 contributions were submitted from patients, carers, the public, and health and care staff including AHPs, through a process of crowdsourcing via an online platform.

In summary, ‘AHPs into Action’ describes the:
• impact of the effective and efficient use of AHPs for people and populations
• commitment to the way services are delivered
• priorities to meet the challenges of changing care needs.

Part 1 describes AHPs transformative potential within the health, care and wider system. It gives case examples of where AHPs have achieved significant impact in addressing the challenges posed in addressing the triple aim set out in the Five Year Forward View1 and described in more detail in Delivering the Forward View: NHS planning guidance.

Part 2 provides a blueprint for action, with 16 challenge questions posed in a framework, based on the commitments and priorities identified by AHPs, to guide thinking when developing a plan of delivery. This framework will help to identify best practice currently being delivered and any gaps requiring action.

AHPs into Action offers the system the authority to act. To support AHPs transform care, improve services and have a continued focus on efficiency, leaders across the system will need to play a part in it’s delivery:

• The CAHPO as the most senior officer in England for AHPs.
• System leaders, whether they are employed in provider, commissioner, HEI or other organisations, responsible for decision making.
• AHPs who deliver services to citizens, in roles funded by the taxpayer.

The CAHPO, system leaders and AHPs responsibilities are described in more detail in the final section ‘AHPs into Action’.

‘AHPs into Action’ cannot address all that this workforce has to offer. However, what is does represent is the start of a journey to highlight the transformative potential of AHPs within the health, social and wider care system.