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Additional statements for social workers working with the Care Act

The Care Act gives new responsibilities as well as opportunities for social work and the chance to focus on asset-based responses to support people in their own communities, rather than a deficit-based model.

The Chief Social Worker in her Annual Report states that ‘social workers have a vital role in delivering the kind of personalised integrated care and support centred on prevention and wellbeing which is at the heart of the Act’.

As part of the preparation for implementation of the Care Act in April 2015, The College of Social Work (TCSW) was commissioned by the Department of Health to produce capability statements and a CPD curriculum guide for social workers on the Care Act. These social work specific products sit alongside the broader learning and development tools commissioned by Skills for Care in partnership with TCSW for use with the whole social care workforce. The two social work specific products provide a framework for social workers to consider their current capabilities and their development needs in order to implement the Act and ensure that it supports better outcomes for people who use services.

The statements have been drawn up following a series of workshops held with social workers, team managers and workforce leads across England and consultation on the draft set of statements.