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Access all Areas

Action for all Government Departments to Supprt Young People's Jouirney from Care to Adulthood...

Many care leavers have to cope with major changes in their lives, setting up home, entering work or college, at a much younger age than other young people. If they are to succeed and prosper care leavers need continued practical and personal support in the early years after they leave care from
a wide range of services. Central government departments have a pivotal role in bolstering the corporate parenting duties of local authorities and making sure that care leavers are a joint priority and responsibility across government with a commitment of support up to at least age 25.

The Access all Areas campaign report calls on central government departments to improve the support they offer to young people as they leave the care system and in their early years after leaving care. This report examines how working across government is essential to improving the support care leavers receive and removing obstacles to their progress.