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“I think you need someone to show you what help there is”: Parental Alcohol Misuse: Uncovering and responding to children’s needs at a local level.

The project aimed to identify and promote good practice in response to the needs of children affected by parental alcohol misuse and their families, with key questions as to how local areas can discover the extent and need among children and young people and how services, including universal provision, can best respond. The work was informed throughout by the perspectives of children, young people and families themselves and seeks to inform the policy and practice agenda. Engagement and data collection was undertaken in three local authority areas: a seaside town, a rural county and a large town. The study employed a variety of methods to obtain relevant local data and to explore pertinent issues from multiple stakeholder perspectives.

The capture of learning and progress were key to the study, particularly in the context of the impact of recent health reforms and other changes to the policy and service landscape over the past year. To that end, local reports were prepared and shared with each area and participants informed this final report.