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‘Don’t worry, I’m here for you’ – Children and young people’s experiences of cyberbullying in Wales

‘Don’t worry, I’m here for you’ , highlights how:

- Children and young people are able to identify a wide range of common negative online experiences, including negativity about looks and identity, being frozen out from the ‘in’ groups and threats of violence. They would like to have more opportunities to share their experiences of online bullying and discuss coping strategies in safe, non-judgmental spaces.

- Peer-led strategies and interventions are valued by many children and young people.

- Teachers often lack information about new technology and how they are used by children and young people and many feel overwhelmed by the issue. They often have to deal with the consequences of bullying taking place overnight and after school hours, as well as the impact this has on children’s ability to learn. Some teachers can find parents’ behaviour undermining if they intervene inappropriately online after their children have been bullied, or do not restrict children’s access to apps and games designed for older young people or adults.

- Young people and professionals feel parents are unsure about what to do about online bullying and that they often do not understand their children’s online lives. They can feel disappointed if schools do not take action regarding online bullying.