Sustainability and transformation plans in London

An independent analysis of the October 2016 STPs (completed in March 2017)

The Mayor of London commissioned The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust to analyse the content of London’s STPs. We carried out the analysis in February and March 2017.

We were asked to:

• review the plans to identify common themes and key differences between them
• offer our assessment of the main issues and risks in the content of the plans, focusing on the most important issues across the five STPs
• make practical suggestions for how the plans can be taken forward across London.

This work builds on our previous research and analysis on STPs in England. We carried out research into the STP planning process in four STP areas throughout 2016 (Alderwick et al 2016a). We tracked the early content of the plans and identified some initial trends and issues to be resolved (Edwards 2016). And, once the final drafts were published in October, we analysed the content of all 44 STPs in England (Alderwick and Ham 2017; Ham et al 2017). This work identified a range of challenges experienced in the process of developing STPs and issues with some of the proposals made in the plans. Despite this, we have argued that STPs offer the best hope for NHS organisations and local government to work together to improve local services.

This report summarises the findings of our analysis of the content of London’s STPs. It comprises four parts. The first part (pp 12–15) describes the background on STPs and the context for their development in London. The second (pp 16–35) provides a descriptive overview of London’s STPs, focusing on the main themes in the plans and the service changes proposed.

The third (pp 36–77) provides our assessment of the main issues and risks to be addressed across the five plans. The final part of the report (pp 78-82) makes a small number of recommendations for the future of the STP process in London, focusing specifically on the role of London-wide action in taking forward the plans.

Published : 11th September 2017*

Publisher : The King's Fund  [ More From This Publisher ]

Rights : The King's Fund

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