Adult Social Care - Quality Matters

The quality of adult social care matters. It matters because people who use services should be able to expect personcentred care that is safe, effective, caring and responsive. This care should be supported by good leadership and sustained by good use of resources.

This document sets out a shared commitment to high-quality, personcentred adult social care. It has been produced to make a difference in care services by working across the sector with people who use these services and their carers. It has been developed so that:

  • The public – people who use services, families and carers – know what high-quality care looks like and what they have the right to expect.
  • Staff working within adult social care understand what high-quality care looks like and how they can contribute to delivering it.
  • Providers of adult social care share a clear vision and commitment to providing high-quality care.
  • Commissioners and funders of adult social care support the commissioning of high-quality care and high-quality integrated care.
  • National bodies (including regulators and improvement agencies) support integrated working across the system to champion high-quality care.

The purpose of this document is to bring the adult social care sector together in support of the agreed principles that underpin good quality adult social care. It builds on the partnerships and commitments that we have made before, and sets out clear action plans that support the delivery of priorities for improving quality, but does not change the statutory responsibilities or undermine the independence of each organisation. Crucially, it highlights that quality is everybody’s business.

People’s experience of care is not isolated, but integrated across many different health and social care services. To achieve person-centred, highquality,
co-ordinated care we need to recognise and respond to this. This is why this commitment reflects and works alongside the quality strategy for the NHS led by the National Quality Board.

This commitment is only a step along the way of a journey towards high-quality, person-centred care for all. Most importantly, while the words in this document are an important place to start, it is the action we take together that matters most.

Published : 11th July 2017*

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