World Social Work Day 2013

World Social Work Day 2013


BASW supported the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) in inviting social workers from all over the world to celebrate World Social Work Day this year on 19 March 2013, under the banner of the Global Agenda’s theme, 'Promoting Social and Economic Equalities'.

Social work has a critical role in the promotion of social and economic equalities and in striving for a people-focused and regulated economy. World Social Work Day is an annual opportunity to advocate a social work perspective in political systems and to celebrate the social work contribution to societies.



Greetings message from Christina Martins

(President of IFSW Europe)

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BASW in the media:  View BASW's World Social Work Day articles in The Guardian, Community Care and The Huffington Post



Insights into global social work:

The work of the Palestine-UK Social Work Network
The Palestine-UK Social Work Network held a hugely over-subscribed event late last year, an initiative aimed at linking up British and Palestinian social workers.

Jointly sponsored by BASW and the University of Durham, the event followed a trip to Palestine undertaken by UK social workers in 2011, in which the challenges facing social work professionals in Jerusalem and the West Bank were all too clear.

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War's bootprint on social work in Kuwait
Hadi Ridha Ashkanani and Jane Shears offer an insight into social work practice in Kuwait, a country whose recent history has been dominated by oil and wealth but where the first Gulf War lef to notable social and psychological upheaval.

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Another world, another way
Despite being one of the world's fastest growing economies, India contains around a third of the world's poor. And although it is the world's biggest democracy, the caste system still defines the lives of many citizens. Paul McFadden travelled with a group of academics and students from Belfast's Queen's University to Pune in Western India to find out more about this unique country and gain insight into social services in a radically different context.

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The struggle to practise social work in Syria as the country collapses into war and retribution
One of the world’s most troubled zones, an estimated 60,000 people have died in Syria since the uprising of March 2011. Save the Children has warned of a “collapse in childhood” in the country, with one in three children having been hit, kicked or shot in the fighting. Sundus Saeed, a volunteer with Hand in Hand for Syria - one of the few aid organisations working in the country - describes the huge task of supporting a traumatised nation.

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Using World Social Work Day to press for more equal societies
On World Social Work Day, Linda de Chenu, Social Work Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, claims the recently-created Global Agenda for Social Work should serve as a rallying cry for social workers to unite and speak out against inequalities at home and across the world.

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BASW marks World Social Work Day:

Please click on the links below for details of WSWD news and events across the UK and further afield:

Scotland - Social Services Expo & Conference 2013 to mark World Social Work Day

Northern Ireland - NIASW's Celebration of World Social Work Day: 'A Social Workers Guide to India'

Wales - BASW Cymru World Social Work Day Celebration: 'Relationship Based Social Work - the dynamic for change'

Westminster event - A Celebration of World Social Work Day: 'Promoting Social and Economic Equality'
A joint event with JUCSWEC and Social Work Health Inequalities Network (SWHIN)

Published : 19th February 2013*

Author : British Association of Social Workers  [ More From This Author ]

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