We value contributions from social workers across all areas of practice throughout the UK and from service users.

As well as our ten annual editions of PSW magazine received by all BASW members and a targeted circulation list, we can also get your work published via our online platform.

PSW magazine includes feature-length articles which can either be two-page spreads of no more than 1,300 words in length or a single page of 700 words. We also publish comment pieces – ‘viewpoints’ where someone expresses a strong view on a particular issue.

Our writing style is magazine rather than academic, which means concise, engaging and lively with only brief references in the text to any sources and bullet points and lists kept to a minimum.

The content must be exclusively targeted at a social work audience and focused on relevant information connected to the social work profession, whether concerning practice or societal issues, topical or notable developments, policies, guidance or legislation.

We are also interested in personal reflections from practice, lessons learned, top tips, book, TV, film and radio reviews and letters to the editor.

In the first instance, please get in touch using the contact information below to discuss article suggestions.

It is helpful for contributors to provide a brief biography to identify themselves, and their credentials in writing for PSW, to the magazine’s readership.

Articles for consideration in each month’s issue of PSW will need to be submitted by the 15th of the month before – so for example, to meet the editorial deadline for the March edition we would need your finished article by 15 February.

Please note that the editor reserves the right to make style changes in keeping with the rest of the magazine’s content but where any major amendments are made, or in circumstances where content or meaning may be in any way affected, we will always seek to confirm these with the contributor prior to publication. 

To submit articles or to discuss ideas email editor@basw.co.uk or call Shahid Naqvi on 07747 845098.